Mission Status: 2 Years and Counting!

Here at Vostok Games we like to not only look to the future but also remember past. For the last two years we have been deeply involved in our mission of creating a truly unique and special gaming experience.
April 12th is a traditional holiday, Cosmonautics Day, a truly inspirational time of year when we can look back at all the amazing achievements made in space exploration.

2014 Development Timeline

A year has passed since the posting of the project development timeline and it is time we drew up the quick summary of what has been done and what not, so as our plans for the upcoming year.
Unfortunately, almost all the last year we spent fighting with technical issues and implementation of the network protocol of the game. As you know, last May we started the Closed Alpha test which revealed a lot of problems with the network part.

Survarium Founder Packs Launched

Soon the adventures into the world of Survarium will begin, with its every inhabitant searching for his own path amidst the aggressive nature and hostile factions.
Today you have a possibility to prepare yourself for the fight for survival in advance by using one of our unique Founder Packs.
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