A Series Of Survarium Developer Diaries

We posted a series of text Developer Diaries on the official Survarium website, in which we shared our thoughts and ideas for the improvement and development of the project.
Each article addresses a separate part of the game.

Survarium Now Available On Steam

We’re extremely happy to announce that Survarium is officially on Steam!
Thank you all for your invaluable support, without it this new phase would have been impossible. Now you can download the game from the official page of the Steam store. There you have the opportunity to leave feedback about the game. We would be grateful for the support that will help us make the project even better!

3 Years Together!

It seems like just yesterday we celebrated our previous anniversary, and boom, another 365 days have passed already. Vostok Games has turned three! Together, our company keeps working on our project Survarium; the next update is out today on the main game servers.
Our team is working tirelessly for you, our players.
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